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 [ Khyber Hits - All Songs Bit Rate : 128 KB/S ]

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PostSubject: [ Khyber Hits - All Songs Bit Rate : 128 KB/S ]   Thu Jul 30, 2009 11:56 pm

To download the song, right click on link and then click on "Save Target As".
1 Qasam Day Yara Naghma

2 Janan Rawekhawama Aiman Udas

4 Thor Orbal Rakhor Ka Rahim Shah - Nazia Iqbal

5 Laila Dera Khesta Da Sadiq Shabab

6 Che Masti We O Zwani Nazia Iqbal

7 Yo Khkule Shan Jenay Pa Ma Mayana Ke Nazia Iqbal

8 Alai Roro Roro Grana Mashe Da Nazara Nazia Iqbal

9 Sha Laila Zar Ka Raoze Khalid Malik

10 Da Janan Mena Ajeba Da Aiman Udaas

11 Khaista Me Day Janan Nazia Iqbal

12 Mena Che Pagal Ke Saray Wisal Khyal

13 Yara Sta Pa Anango Ke Tahir Shabab

14 Na Darzam Na Ba Razi Naghma

15 Sur Kames De Karay Day Khalid Malik

16 Ishqa Za Tabah De Kram Mudassir Zaman

17 Sterga Rapege Zama Naghma

18 Ay Zama Yara Nazia Iqbal (N/A)

Enjoy _>_>_>_>_>_>_>_>_>_>_>_>_>_>_>_>_>_>_>_heheheheheh lol!

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[ Khyber Hits - All Songs Bit Rate : 128 KB/S ]
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